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Ruby’s Home is the right choice for those who need extra assistance, whether it is with showering, toileting, medication dispensing, or just some help with daily tasks and activities. Our goal is to give you peace of mind knowing your loved one receives the individualized care they need to enjoy the best quality of life possible.

Our homes are classified as Type B assisted living homes. This designation relates to our residents’ ability to evacuate during an emergency, and these residents typically need more help than others. We cater to each resident’s needs, and we’re more than happy to help them whether they need more time or assistance with daily tasks.

The Ruby’s Home Difference

At Ruby’s Home, the focus is on services for residents who need extra care. Due to our small size, we are able to modify a service plan to fit the needs and wants of your loved one. Almost all services we offer are performed on-site in our home-like environment, which helps maintain a higher level of comfort for our residents.

We understand that your loved one may need more time bathing, eating and walking. Our philosophy is to allow each resident the time they need to continue to complete all activities without feeling rushed. When your loved one is no longer able to complete daily living tasks, we will happily be there to help. Due to our small size, our staff is able to determine individual needs and become quite familiar with our family of residents.

Our higher functioning residents are provided with a passion project. For example, if Judy comes in and loves to garden, we will add a garden for her to work on. If frank comes in and loves books, we will add an activity for having someone read to him or having him go to the library.

Medical Issues are No Issue

Most medical services our residents need are performed at our location. At Ruby’s Home, we welcome physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, therapists, and personal care attendants to assist our residents and provide the medical care they need in the comfort of our home. Residents who were intimate with a home health agency can continue to receive care here. We welcome a wide range of diagnoses.

Diagnoses We Welcome

Insulin Dependent Diabetes

Spinal Cord Injuries

Parkinson’s Disease

Kidney Failure

Rheumatoid Arthritis


Stroke Victims

Cerebral Palsy

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Our Staff


“I am a 57 year old mother and I learned early on the importance of great care. I knew from the age of 12 working as a “candy striper” or as a volunteer to work with the elderly in our hometown hospital to satisfy a need for community service. From that time I knew this would
be a significant part of my life. At 19 years old I was presented with the opportunity to clean a group of older women’s houses and sit with those ladies. People learned about my service and would reach out to me to care for their family members. Even after I had children I was still caring for the elderly and I would take my children with me and they learned hand in hand how to be a caregiver as well. I studied at Victoria College to become a CNA in 2008. I have cared for patients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, strokes,
paralysis, cancer and overall ailments for terminal patients from the ages of 60 to 95. I love this industry and believe in the power of good caregiving.”

As a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), Ruby has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry.


“This is a business that is near and dear to me through witnessing good and bad caregiving in my family’s home with our adoption ministry. We built a system to be able to care for nine children with special needs and this is something they will need for the rest of their lives. Residential Assisted Living is important to me because I have grandparents that will soon be in need of care with few options. Also my parents are part of the Baby Boomer generation that will need care in the next 20 years and I want to provide the environment I know they will enjoy.”

Parker received a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Liberty University. He also worked to establish small groups in the town of San Marcos such as the Small Business Link as well as a Mastermind Group.

As a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), Parker has earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry.


“I was raised in a household where we were in the business of caring. My mother started her own business and stepped away to become a nurse. Her work is very personal and one on one which is so rare today. It became evident that this was her bread and butter and this was a generational trade and was done by her mother before her. Private caregiving is her specialty and Parker and I have learned so much from her.”

Katherine received her Bachelor’s degree in Management with a minor in Human Resources from Texas State University.

She is also a RALS™ (Residential Assisted Living Specialist), and has
earned the highest level of professional certification in the industry.

A Care-Oriented Austin Senior Living Community

At Ruby’s Home, our goal is to provide the senior care your loved one deserves while keeping them as happy and comfortable as possible. We strive to give each resident a sense of independent living while providing assistance with activities as needed. To help with medical issues, we create personal care plans for each resident and keep a close eye on daily health.

When it comes to senior living options, we have two locations, Ruby’s Home at Anderson Mill and Ruby’s Home at Lakeline (North Austin), both of which provide everything needed in a comfortable setting.

If you have any questions or if you’re interested in learning more about our assisted living homes or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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