Welcome to Ruby’s Home Residential Care Homes in Austin, TX

Ruby’s Home is proud to offer a unique type of assisted living home. With a higher staff-to-resident ratio than large facilities, our residents can receive the personalized care they deserve. Our residential care homes in Austin, Tx are renovated houses, allowing for a sense of familiarity, comfort, and community that simply isn’t there in large facilities. When you choose Ruby’s Home, your can be sure that your loved one will be well taken care of and feel like family.

Our staff consists of RALS, or residential assisted living specialists, and our manager Ruby has been in the industry for 38 years. Our entire brand is centered around “generations of our family caring for generations of yours.”

Resident Profile

Ruby’s Home is the right choice for those who are looking for a comfortable senior citizen living environment that feels more like a home than a facility. You can rest assured that our highly competent staff will treat your loved one with personalized care and the respect they deserve, making them feel comfortable no matter their needs.

Due to our small size, we are able to modify a service plan to fit the individual needs and wants of your loved one. Whereas larger assisted living homes can’t always cater to every resident’s individual needs, at Ruby’s home we focus on a deeper level of care by providing all services on site for the unique needs that our residents have.

Our Philosophy

We understand that your loved one needs a living environment where they feel comfortable and at home. Our philosophy is to provide a care environment in Austin, Tx that feels more like a loving home than a public assisted living facility. When your loved one stays at Ruby’s Home, We will happily be there as a companion and serve your family just like we would our own.

Another benefit of our small size is that it’s easier for our residents to thrive together as a community. Our attendants can become quite familiar with each resident to truly ensure that their unique needs are taken care of, and our residents can get to know each other on a closer level to provide one another with companionship and joy.

Services & Amenities

Residents at Ruby’s Home are part of our family, not merely monthly boarders. We offer all the amenities of home, assuring a tranquil and comfortable environment.

We invite all doctor appointed home health care personnel, including nurses, physical therapists, and hospice employees to use the homes as this benefits our residents.

We believe all of our residents should be able to visit with family and loved ones, so we welcome you to schedule visits to come spend time with them.

Our Locations

We currently have two assisted living facilities in Austin: Ruby’s Home at Lakeline, and Ruby’s Home at Anderson Mill. Each of our locations is staffed by caring and compassionate people, and each home provides the comfort and safety your loved one needs to truly feel at home.

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